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Generac Power Systems

Waukesha, Wisconsin

Status: Realized

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Acquired a leading founder-owned manufacturer of standby generators and partnered with management to invest in R&D, product line extensions and expanded distribution during an economic downturn resulting in significant revenue and EBITDA growth and a successful initial public offering in 2010

CCMP invested in Generac, a leading North American manufacturer of standby power generators, in 2006. Generac manufactures standby and portable generators for residential, commercial and industrial use.

Opportunity and Why CCMP

  • Experience with multi-channel distribution models
  • A market leader in residential stand-by generator market with “best-in-class” product technology
  • Potential to increase penetration of U.S. households
  • Opportunity to increase share in industrial market by leveraging unique product technology

Value Creation

  • Invested in R&D and numerous product line extensions such as entering portable generator market during economic downturn
  • Expanded distribution and enhanced “best-in-class” residential dealer network with new technology-enabled sales tools
  • Recruited experienced sales and marketing team and improved pricing architecture
  • Executed accretive tuck-in acquisitions
  • Improved capital structure through debt repurchases


  • Significant revenue and EBITDA growth during CCMP’s ownership
  • Initial public offering in 2010 (NYSE: GNRC)