Shoes for Crews

West Palm Beach, Florida

FOUNDED in 1984, Shoes For Crews is the leading designer and marketer of slip-resistant footwear worldwide. Through its proprietary technology, Shoes For Crews strives to create a safer workplace in all industries where floor hazards are a reality.

Original Investment






Acquired the leading founder-owned designer and marketer of slip-resistant footwear to partner with management to drive growth by transforming marketing efforts and sales strategy, increasing penetration in the foodservice vertical, accelerating development of new and existing channels and expanding internationally

CEO Corner

“As a private equity firm, CCMP brings all the assets you would expect to drive rapid growth and value creation plus the unique ability to do so with a sense of “humanity”.  They value people!  This is not a little thing and in fact I think it is the CCMP difference.  CCMP is a “partner” in the truest sense of the word.”

Stuart Jenkins, President, CEO & Chief Innovation Officer

Growth Plan

Transform sales and marketing approach Grow foodservice channel
Accelerate growth in new verticals Expand internationally