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“I’ve been working with the CCMP team since 2007.  I can’t stress enough the value of CCMP’s dual model of having partners with both operating and financial backgrounds.  Collaborating with partners who have also been CEOs is invaluable, and clearly, their financial expertise is critical especially in the case of an IPO.”

Jim Gentilcore

Former Chairman PQ & Former CEO Edwards


“CCMP added value throughout our partnership and steadfastly supported our commitment to growing the business. With their expertise and invaluable strategic insight, CCMP has been vital to Medpace’s expansion and helped to shape our very promising direction for the future.” – 2014

August Troendle, President & CEO


“Partnering with CCMP enabled Generac to reach its true growth potential.  CCMP supported our growth every step of the way, encouraging us to invest in R&D and product line extensions and providing valuable expertise and resources.  Together we positioned Generac for an initial public offering and long term success.”

Aaron Jagdfeld, President & CEO



“Our relationship and experience with CCMP has been nothing short of sensational.  The expertise and professionalism provided to us as we became a public company was priceless.   Perhaps even more important, CCMP’s approach from day one was to respect the operation of Ollie’s and personally honor our partnership. GOOD STUFF.”

Mark Butler, Former President & Ceo

Ollie’s Bargain Outlet

“Milacron is the 2nd company I have partnered with CCMP on as CEO, and I can honestly say that they are a game changer in terms of accelerating growth.  With CCMP’s support, Milacron has invested organically and via acquisition to build our base of technology and market reach, leading to top-line growth, an IPO and a bright future.”

Tom Goeke

CEO Milacron & Former CEO Klöckner


As a leading private equity firm, CCMP Capital Advisors has invested
over $18 billion in buyout and growth equity transactions since 1984.

Partner with management to drive growth of consumer, industrial & healthcare companies

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