Edwards Group

Crawley, United Kingdom

FOUNDED in 1939, Edwards Group (NASDAQ: EVAC) is a leading global manufacturer of highly engineered vacuum products for the manufacture of microelectronics devices, such semiconductors, solar panels, LEDs and flat panel displays. It is also a world leader in vacuum technology for industrial, scientific, process and R&D applications.

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Original Investment


CCMP II 2007 Realized

Partnered with management to establish a corporate carve-out as a strong stand-alone company, restructure manufacturing footprint and invest in new products and technology during an economic downturn to grow business and lower cost base leading to a successful initial public offering in 2012

CEO Corner

“I’ve been working with the CCMP team since 2007.  I can’t stress enough the value of CCMP’s dual model of having partners with both operating and financial backgrounds.  Collaborating with partners who have also been CEOs is invaluable, and clearly, their financial expertise is critical especially in the case of an IPO.”

Jim Gentilcore, Former Chairman PQ & Former CEO Edwards

PQ Corporation

Growth Plan

Invested in technology Launched new line of leading GEN4 products
Moved manufacturing closer to customers Instituted operational efficiencies